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Wheels of Time website

This project began as a content review. In the course of preparing for a basic edit of the old wheelsotime.com website, it became clear that there were too many layers of legacy code (after a few generations of help from web-savvy friends), all inaccessible to the site owner. While the site had a simple CMS system, it was archaic and limiting. When changes to general content or site structure were called for, the owner had to pay contractors to do the work. I suggested a simple rebuild with a modern content managment system (CMS). This would give the site owner control over all content, and a measure of control over structure. We chose Squarespace as our CMS and I built the site and populated it: the client was fully satisfied with the final product.

Total time logged from initial investigation to final publishing in Squarespace: less than 50 hours. This included the original content review and edit.

Wheels of Time Website