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As the senior writer for this privacy services and software company, I created In 2000, I was one of the key members of the team that identified a rise in consumer concern for online privacy protection. My insights influenced not only our message, but the design of our product as well.

This first iteration of the site was intended to be an educational resource for investors, the public, and potential corporate customers. The site positioned PrivacyRight as an expert in the developing online-privacy space. As a calling card, the site attracted the attention of Washington legislators (who met with our executive team), privacy experts (one of whom joined our company as CEO), and competitors (who plagiarized my content in at least one case).

Below are PDF images of some of the site pages. The site has been down since the early 2000s: after the tragedy of September 11, 2001, our company lost investments and closed its doors. At the same time, privacy lost mind-share to security, further weakening our business model.

Note that these PDFs preserve my written work, but some of the other page elements (images, colors) have not survived the years or the conversion from HTML to PDF.

The Site (home page) (glossary of terms)
Definitions of significant terms (issues in privacy)
An overview of the issues (privacy news)
A list of news items highlighting consumer anxiety about online practices related to the collection of personal information (privacy resources)
Listing government and online resources related to concerns about online privacy (in the year 2000) (privacy solutions)
Listing quick strategies and safeguards the reader could implement to protect their personal information online (Washington report)
Explanations of current legislative activity addressing online privacy (in the year 2000) (investor relations) (company background)