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David Maddalena

a bit about me

Web, magazine, brochure, book: doesn't matter where the page is, I love the words on it. Papyrus or pixels, I'm there.

But don't let the wordy wilderness of this web site mislead you: I believe good design is a beautiful thing and is exactly the deal when you want to create a mood, you know.

However. When you need to tell a story, when you want to lay a path, then words are the bricks that will lead you to the Emerald City. Courage Traveler.

I have been working with words for over twenty years, refining my craft in the service of entrepreneurial companies and non-profits alike, as a writer, speaker, and editor. I get excited about things that make life better, and love to mediate the messages of people working to that end.

What I do:

  • Create clear communications within tight deadlines
  • Distill complex ideas to their simplest expression
  • Write or edit; informal to formal, blogs to books
  • Web development and strategy
  • Serve across markets: business (from single-person shops to global coms), non-profits (local or international), journalism, publishing, and education (tutoring of all ages in creative writing, web publishing, and scriptwriting)


David Maddalena
650 648 3623
(even more about me)

"I recommend Dave as an excellent writer and editor, one who was at home working "under the hood" while developing the CMS and layout for my new web site. His work for me was timely and of a high integrity. He is a very good writer, had a quick grasp of the technical jargon of my business, and is market-savvy." --Matthew Young, Founder and Owner, Wheels of Time

Selected Works


Poetry site for Michael Toy,
poet/engineer of Silicon Valley.
Site art direction, tagline, photography, editing

Site introducing innovation strategy created by Craig Lauchner.
Site development, strategy, writing, and editing

Arms of Love International
full web site write and edit for International organization serving abandoned and abused children

(low) tech writer
essays ... "One of my very favorite blogs" - Mike Stavlund (featured articles
on tools, travel, and food)

Day Worker Center of Mountain View
pro bono work: full site content revision, code customization, and ongoing maintenance

Bright Sadness
A Lent devotional, online since 2001, recently redesigned. Consistently top-ranked (1-3) in relevant Google searches, and hosting up to a quarter-million page-views in the weeks preceding easter.

Wheels of Time
site renovation, writing, and editing for maker of high-end, collectible, historically accurate models

comprehensive editing for new geospatial division

senior Writer for privacy services software company

Seville Landscaping
full web site rewrite for high-end landscaper serving Silicon Valley

personal blog, built on a custom template, showcasing art, poetry, and theology


Seville Landscaping (2.5 mb)

Flash Presentation
Privacyright (my direction, writing
and voice, from 2000)

Full page ad
written for design firm enVisionID

written and art-directed for design firm enVisionID

written for Tools4Anger

Dance Party!
created for community event


Students in The Pipeline
(from American Surveyor—originally written for Trimble's Technology & More magazine)

The Geography of Hope
(from lowtechwriter.com)

Half Foods
(from lowtechwriter.com)

Portrait of the Artist
in a Supermarket Parking Lot

Startup Your Marketing
(from Miller Freeman's designshops.com)

Would You Jump Out of an Airplane
if Your Coworker Asked You To?

(from Miller Freeman's designshops.com)

Does it Tick? High Tech as Craft

Book Projects

(low) tech writer
book based on the popular blog,
with selected essays and extras

Bright Sadness
authored book about Lent, published Spring 2010

Stand Out
ghostwriter/editor/project manager for self-published book as marketing piece for real estate B2B startup

From Sinai to Patmos
ghostwriter/editor/project manager for self-published book project, published Winter 2009


Newsletter: A stake in the ground for Fujo (became Privacyright, Inc.) on Data Privacy

Newsletter: A new style for the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of the Peninsula