David Maddalena

Clear and Compelling Writing

Business / Marketing / Culture

Your written pieces need to have a clarity and efficiency that take advantage of a brief opportunity: to engage and influence busy people.

As a professional communicator, I showcase your voice, whether your story is about the next disruptive business tech, or something more personal. You know what you need to say; I'll help you get the message out.

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Toolkit: web (websites, blogs, HTML, CMS), print (marketing, business), journalism (human interest, criticism, photography, broadcast), book projects (self-publishing, ghost-writing, editing), public speaking, strategy, education (tutoring of all ages in creative writing, web publishing, and scriptwriting)


David Maddalena
650 648 3623

"Like anyone who is highly talented, Dave makes it look easy. His writing and editing contributions to my book for real estate professionals and our video production were invaluable. He's wonderful at listening to and accepting competing ideas, but he's not afraid to share his own perspective which helped us produce far better results. And, he always did what he said he was going to do when he promised, allowing us to meet each of our deadlines. I look forward to working with Dave again soon!" --Doug Fowler, Owner and Manager, Stand Out, LLC