David Maddalena

Teaching and Tutoring

in the humanities

In over thirty years of teaching a wide variety of subjects, I have worked with students of all ages, from 1st-grade to adult. I have written professionally, am a published essayist, poet, and collage artist, and my DIY projects have been featured on instructables.com, treehugger.com, and the Make Magazine Blog.

I have worked within my own curricula, and as an adjunct to other programs: as a trained clinician for the Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, for example. I am able to guide students to deeper insights as a supplement to programmed learning. I work with students in individual, group, or networked instruction.

A taste of my philosophy

In my writing work with students, I emphasize creativity as a skill that is essential for all kinds of work across industries. But with decades of professional experience writing everything from web marketing to books of essays to business plans, it's not all about creativity. I am able to guide students in essential skills, from grammar and syntax to how to craft a novel. But my real joy is to work the creative soil in young writers who will be looking for inspiration for the rest of their lives no matter what kind of writing or thinking they do.

SUBJECTS: web publication (design, authoring, and publishing); writing (creative writing, poetry, essay); theater (performance, auditions, scriptwriting ... 30 years experience); psychology (introductory subjects); public speaking (speech, communication).

FORMATS: one-on-one, multi-student-reduced-rate, Skype, Google Hangouts. I also offer several Ocean Grove-approved classes through the A T.E.A.M. Homeschool Community in San Jose, Ca. ... September through Mid-May (details on request):

[David Maddalena Tutoring is a licensed business in Los Altos, Ca, and a registered vendor for the Ocean Grove Charter School in San Jose, and the FAME Charter School in Alameda County]


David Maddalena
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"My two sons have one class they have to take every semester and that is Dave's class! They enjoy them and look forward to them every week. Dave is kind, encouraging and understanding. His enthusiasm engages his students. His classes promote a safe and respectful learning environment that really motivate the kids!" -K.R., home school parent, San Jose

"Dave's class completely changed me! I used to hate writing and now I love to write and write on my own, without anyone making me. The creative writing class is my favorite class. ... I love his class!" -K.R., Student, 12.

"Dave Maddalena is one teacher who connects with each of my children and treats them with respect and great patience." - Ann W., home-school parent (children ages 5-18) and educator.

"I think we have all seen quite a transformation in our children." -Z.P., home school parent.